TREASURES FROM JENNIFER Alphabet Coins without Pegs
TREASURES FROM JENNIFER Alphabet Coins without Pegs

TREASURES FROM JENNIFER Alphabet Coins without Pegs

Treasures From Jennifer
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These little coins are 1-inch diameter SINGLE SIDE coins without pegs that ONLY fit Treasures From Jennifer's Hundred Frames with Coin Pockets. They offer even more learning and play with your Hundred Frames with Coin Pockets as your child places each into the dimples of the boards. Some activity ideas:

- Place them in alphabetical order forwards and backwards (for an extra challenge). 
- Sort vowels and consonants.
- Match uppercase to lowercase letters.
- Practice spelling and correcting right on the board.
- Create word family lists.
- Create a word search. Play scrabble. Play Wheel of Fortune. 

Each set of coins includes one full uppercase alphabet and one full lowercase alphabet along with a mix of commonly used letters, which is a wonderful set to use for spelling, totaling 100 coins. 

Want more out of your coins? Check out Treasures From Jennifer's Reversible Coins option!

Please note that these coins come without pegs and that the first photo is only used to show the alphabets and its font. Also, the Hundred Frames with Coin Pockets are not included and only used in the second photo to show the coins being used. Please also note that these coins ONLY fit the Hundred Frame with Coin Pockets and not the Original Hundred Frame, Ten Frame, and/or Twenty Frame.

Treasures From Jennifer products are made from natural wood. As such, do expect slight variations in terms of colour, grain, and markings. These are not defects but are unique indications that serve as proof of its natural origin.