The Cat on the Mat: All About Mindfulness

The Cat on the Mat: All About Mindfulness

Random House USA Inc
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Beginning readers will learn to cultivate calmness and focus with the Cat in the Hat in this simple rhymed introduction to mindfulness meditation!

Life is a juggling act that can often make us feel dizzy and dazed - kids included! Between school, homework, chores, after school activities, play dates, Zoom calls - you name it - keeping all those balls in the air can be taxing! But the Cat in the Hat has a solution to the madness. It's called mindfulness meditation, and in this simple, rhymed Cat in the Hat's Learning Library Book, he shows kids how to slow down and still their bodies and minds through simple breathing exercises and focused concentration. This is a perfect choice for fostering mindfulness in young readers, and a practical tool for helping them learn to deal with stress. Fans of the hit PBS show The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! will be happily surprised to learn that the Cat knows as much about fostering good mental and physical health as he does about science!


Reading age: 5 - 9 years