Working Through Tough Topics with Amber's Book Club

Hi guys, if you haven't yet noticed, we have added new subsections under our Amber's Book Club collection. We wanted to make sure we have a solid collection of books dedicated to helping parents work through tough and harder to talk about topics with their children. This is a work in progress and we hope to continue building this stash as we go along but here is what we have now: 

Body Safety & Consent

Noah's Toys x Body Safety & Consent

Even when we teach our youngest ones the names of different parts of the human body, you are paving the way for them to learn the importance of body safety and consent. Equipping children with this knowledge is not just important to help them understand how their bodies should be treated but also how they should respect the body boundaries of others.

Diversity & Empowerment

Noah's Toys x Books on Diversity

Books to support a child's understanding of diversity from a young age and empowering them to be their best selves in their own skin. Break down stereotypes from race, gender, size, age, disability, and show your children that everyone is amazing in their own way!

Grief & Loss

Noah's Toys x Grief & Loss


How do we make sense of and explain an emotion and process that even us adults struggle with? Books with beautiful, heartfelt stories that help both parents and children talk through feelings of grief, loss, healing, and everything in between. 

Mental Health

Noah's Toys x Jayneen Sanders

It's time we help our children understand that mental health is as important as physical health. We ask for help and comfort when we hurt ourselves physically and should do the same when we're having a bad mental health day. Provide your children with the vocabulary to identify emotions and mental health states and also techniques on how to manage and pull through difficult periods together. 

With time, we hope to grow the collection of books we stock within these important sections. For now, we hope you'll find these useful as we grow and navigate life together with our little ones. 

Love, Jamie

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