New from Treasures From Jennifer

Introducing some of our newest additions to our Treasures From Jennifer collection this August 2022!

New picture coins and wood strip for our Treasures From Jennifer Home CalendarsA great way for our little ones to learn about and look forward to the joys of everyday with loved ones.

Noah's Toys TFJ Animal Coins

This sweet set of 26 coins features adorable animals - one for each letter of the alphabet. Use on their own or with our Hundred Frame with Coin Pockets!

Noah's Toys TFJ Large Maple Geoboard

This large geoboard features one hundred pegs and has numbers engraved on the side and bottom for learning about multiplication as well as all other mathematical processes. For math and play, your child will explore the pegs and create imaginative designs. 

Noah's Toys TFJ 1st 100 Sight WordsNoah's Toys TFJ Odonata Sight Words

Top: 1st 100 Sight Words

Each set includes the 1st 100 sight words from the Fry Sight Words List, which was complied to help children learn to read by presenting them with the most commonly used words in the English language.

Bottom: Chinese Odonata Sight Words

Each set includes 103 Chinese sight words found in Odonata's "First Hundred Words" series made up of 8 storybooks that are written using only these most commonly used 103 Chinese words. These are great to use as supplementary material as your child learns alongside these books.

Noah's Toys TFJ Large Display Stand

Large display stand big enough to fit Treasures From Jennifer's tracing boards (all sizes), hundred frames, home calendars, large geoboards, solar system puzzle, large books, and more!

Stay close because we have more new arrivals coming to you soon!

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