New from Sarah's Silks!

Noah's Toys Sarah's Silks New

Dedicating this blog post to all things new in our Sarah's Silks collection this August 2022!

Noah's Toys Sarah's Silks NewNoah's Toys Sarah's Silks New

Bestselling swords now in Rainbow and CelestialPretend play with our Sarah's Silks' Soft Swords brings joy to children by encouraging active play and developing their hand-eye coordination.

Noah's Toys Sarah's Silks NewNoah's Toys Sarah's Silks New

Silk Tutus are comfortable, versatile, and made for dancing, playing, and movement of all kinds! Little ones are able to easily slip them on and off all by themselves and wear them over their favorite outfits for added fun throughout the day! Available in Rainbow and Celestial. Perfect to pair with our new swords and garlands!

 Noah's Toys Sarah's Silks New

For the young child, the world around them is full of magic and wonder. These Mini Magical Creatures Playsilk is perfect for the creative child and his/her imagination! Available in Green Dragon and Rainbow Phoenix!

Noah's Toys Sarah's Silks NewNoah's Toys Sarah's Silks New

Seek and find animals, plants, and people! Your child will love exploring the magic these limited edition mini Seek & Find playsilks have to offer. Comes with one of a kind cards with suggestions for children to easily begin the seek and find fun!

 Noah's Toys Sarah's Silks New

Round the Year Mini Playsilks encourage little ones to recognize the turning of the seasons and cultivate their awareness of the Earth's natural rhythms. Families use Round the Year Playsilks to decorate nature tables, and celebrate birthdays and seasonal holidays. 

Noah's Toys Sarah's Silks New Mini Skytail

Mini Skytails are "bonkless" rubber balls (soft batting & covered in silk) that are easy to throw by the tail and don't hurt when you get hit by them. A perfect way to add a little movement to the play of your child!

We hope you'll enjoy this collection as much as we do! Till next time xx

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