OCAMORA Cala Knife
OCAMORA Cala Knife
OCAMORA Cala Knife

OCAMORA Cala Knife

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Our little ones love helping out around the house so watch as they try their hand at cutting and chopping in the kitchen with Ocamora's Cala Knife! The Cala Knife is a wooden utensil specially designed to cut soft food such as fruits, vegetables, bread, and cake. It is specially designed for beginners in the culinary world as it is perfect for splitting food but does not cut into the skin of little fingers. The Cala Knife is dishwasher safe and treated with oil that is safe for contact with food. 

Added benefits:

- a great way for your child to practice using both sides of their body in a coordinated manner (bilateral integration) when gripping the knife and cutting with one hand while holding food still on the other.

- builds hand and finger strength as your child grips and controls the movement of the knife.

- improves hand eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Materials: Maple wood

Dimensions: Approximately 10cm by 6cm

Ocamora products are made from natural wood. As such, do expect slight variations in terms of colour, grain, and markings. These are not defects but are unique indications that serve as proof of its natural origin.